Best Sacred Cactus

As a member of the world traveler team I have been around the globe. Everywhere I go the people and cultures never cease to surprise and amaze me. From the ganja laced afternoon atriums peppered throughout tree-hidden durban suburbs to trails off of which such beauty unfolds throughout hikes up to the Göbekli Tepe range; I have witnessed the changing of the space and times. These are in fact special times where we feel the thrust of internal acceleration of self and novelty as we project forward , with quick clips, in ways that mirror McKenna's last words hiding sentiments of anticipation toward the universal attractor at the end of time. The world is connecting through an electrical quantum field of sorts and you are turning on. We feel you. Go on. Go on. Be well and find your heart. Your head and mind will play with time and your spirit will soar riding sky the spread-wide tips of Temples and Eagles wings. We have flown to the East as seekers, separating the birds from the beasts and here we bring you a gift from the Eagle's beak. Get your Safe & Beautiful Sacred Cactus Here!

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