Growing Hawaiian Baby Woodrose in and around New York.

Get Viable live Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds at High Zen Birds shop. Some may say that the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR has no place in the chilling cold of northern Winter’s grip. Yet, when it comes to New York, we greatly beg to differ. When you live inside of a tropical jungle, inside of the city you become the keeper and caretaker of a magical gem. In your own sacred jungle the leaves could never be too big, nor the colors too vibrant or verdant or voluptuous and feminine. Your beloved plants never look out of place, even when it’s snowing outside of the window behind your wise plant friend.When placed with care, these gorgeous exotic chlorophyll filled diplomats can transport us to other places, spaces,contextual dimensions and create tremendous interest in the garden.

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose vine is a perennial tropical plant. In general most tropical plants are part of a grouping that is only loosely characterized at best. The only actual common denominator for tropicals is that they all thrive in tropical regions.

Given their regional propensity we may derive several observations. All tropical plants including Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR thrive when provided a warm or balmy climate. Furthermore most tropical, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose included, cannot handle cold temperatures. With this said,there are exceptions but these are rare. We have personally grown them outside, on the mainland USA as far north as Zone 10 when planted against a south facing wall and when mulch is placed over the base for overwintering. The only reason for this working was due to the area being so insulated from other bushes and so close to a warm building that it never actually froze.

By the second growing year your seed-grown Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR plant, will begin to show flowers to be followed by seedpods. These plants grow huge flowers and can drape an entire building getting hundreds of feet long with thousands of flowers given the right conditions.

The right conditions for growing Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR:

Light: Medium to Full Sun

Air: Indoor air*

Water: PH 7.0

Soil: Humus Rich With Leaf Mulch

*Indoor Air tends to be CO2 rich from all of the people and pets. The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR thrives in this environment

No plant has had the ability to draw us into a tropical island feeling more effectively than a Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR.There are several varieties from different locations around the tropical world. Our favorite for both the flowers and the colors are the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose plant from Hawaii itself, where it is considered sacred by the natives.

This shamanic plant teacher is 100% legal to grow for landscape, ornamental and/or collector’s purposes. We sit with our’s and meditate around it. It has quite a protective-love presence in the room. You can feel its presence.

If huge heart shaped leaves and durable yet delicate looking little wooden roses are your thing then this plant is a must have. The seed pods open and dry into what the plant is named for. The seed pods of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose plant end up looking like small wooden forest roses with an Earthy rich red brown color and woody texture.

With leaves up to a foot wide, these sprawling vines come alive when draped across the ceiling with fishing line. You can literally give your space the feeling of a jungle. It is the perfect setting to help improve any set.

As an aside Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR , looks amazing when visually paired with Banisteriopsis Capii,Psychotria Viridis or both Anadenanthera Colubrina or Anadenanthera Perigrina . The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR plants will dapple your environment with dark green leaves , which can tolerate low light.

You can grow the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR in containers and bring them into your plant beds or onto the balcony for the season. In order to extend tropical plant life it is necessary to water often, feed regularly and sit with them as much as possible. It is imperative to return them inside for the season prior to Autumn bringing the first cold snap.

You do not need to do anything special when planting these except to be patient. Typical germination time for the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR is 5-6 weeks from the time of planting. Plant the seeds, with good drainage, in cups or in a bed to start. Keep the soil moist and cover the with a zip lock bag or clear plastic cover to keep the soil from drying out in between waterings.The soil should be dark moist and humus rich with decaying plant material and leaf-litter.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR are cloneable. Just cut a foot long section of the vine off and place it in a cup of water in a window sill. After a few weeks it will begin to grow. Then you will have baby plants for your bathroom too! The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR plant enjoys being root bound for a month or two after cloning. So once it roots, let them really grow. You want a large mass thick root ball before transplanting the clones. You can get viable untreated organic Hawaiian Baby Woodrose HBWR seeds around the New York area by visiting High Zen Birds

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