Where's Your Head At?

We Can't Evolve Without You

In the immortal words of Basement Jaxx: "Where's your head at?"

With todays influx of data streaming beyond personal measure into our brains, games, and atmosphere the only thing that seems certain is our inability to handle these ever increasing amounts of processing and to think, its all for such little gain.

There is a Tao of thinking which involves doing as little thinking as possible. Thinking is the art of administration and not the art of doing. There is a Tao of doing that involves as little administration (thinking) as possible. There is a Tao of DOing/NOTDOing that involves a flow state and progression through effortless movements. These are some things that are.

Nature does not offer a human resources department. Time neither exists on its own or waits for your understanding. In our { time-space } time is fast and space is vast, this could be the exception to the rule as we on Earth hurl through different regions daily.

Seek the heart beat of the Earth. Listen to the whispers that ride the tides and to the winds of the morning stars and setting sun as they kiss your smiling eyes with wonder. There is a shamanic pulse in your chest that pulls at your seems like the recognition of impermanence on a sandy beach when the tide is like your mind. Where is your assemblage point taking you now? Does Jonathan Seagull still fly through your dreams, does Carlos still speak to your Nagual? The whispers behind your eyes are secrets you don't need to interpret. They become you, like how the gentle scent of ganja can come wafting through your dreams. or how the peripheries gleam with smoke laden streams when your mushroom head eyes go red blazing sundries. I feel you, we won now, we one know off the ledge though, so humble like the bumble, we fly free, you see me, we do be transentient trancendent trance indent.

Side note for scape goats.The Jinn are not bad all, like not all science lacks feeling, or meaning for stealing the rays of Aten, Aton e- and healing or spiritual bliss. For when you seek peace , wonders speak, we breathe deep, take blind leaps atop peaks of milk and honey, the ghee of destiny , prakrita , your pine cone and almond, bliss dynamic vibrates all, when silent mind does head the call.

For the lights that dance within your head before you sleep as you wait in bed , look soft, look deep, gaze wide and far, between your eyes shines the north star, watch its dance and watch it pulse, its like your pulse of inner earth, your pulsetory flow within the central medulla of your spine. From Spine to Mind. This is how the north star pulses, its seems to pulse in time with the light between your eyes, when you close your eyes in the dark dark dark.

Your Chi is like float-gold. Float-gold is gold that is so tiny that it actually floats like dust on the surface of water. Imagine you have to fill the column of your spine with tiny little float-gold particles. Once your spinal column fills with that Float-gold (Chi) the light of your single eye (pineal) begins for phosphoresce and your body fills with light. Just watch tonight. Take a look. The white stone is formless, its shapeless, its there but you can't touch it. Sometimes to see it you have to step back several feet with your attention while looking between you eyes. Once you can see the light, step forward with your attention and go into this light. Bathe in this light, it is your divine spark.

Signed ~ The Unknown Philosopher

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